The first year of the international conference FUTURE CITY MADE BY IOT will be held from 17th to 18th April in Prague. It will present innovative solutions for now as well as the vision for future development of urban infrastructure in municipalities and regions for another 30 or 50 years covering many aspects of a life of its inhabitants.

The conference will be held from 17th to 18th April 2019 on the premises of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics (CIIRC), Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3 in Prague 6.  Organizers are as follows – CCF CIIRC CTU, Central Bohemian Region and Central Bohemia Tourist Board.

This event is organized under the patronage of the governor of Central Bohemian Region Jaroslava Pokorná Jermanová and the CIIRC scientific director professor Vladimír Mařík.

The conference is organized by the Centre of the City of the Future (CCF), Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics at CTU in Prague in cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region. Its aim is to establish – within the CCF – a permanent platform for discussions about near and distant future and to prepare the society for the prospective changes, even more for the unforeseen ones!
Experts from the Czech Republic and from abroad, as well as the representatives of the academia, public and private sector, will meet at the conference and present their professional and popular visions for near and distant future of municipalities and regions. They will also discuss the way of life and behavior of people that is slowly changing as the new communication technologies are being implemented. The participants and the speakers will try to answer the questions concerning for example the arrival of autonomous technologies, or all the new items at various level of intelligence spreading in the cities, which have to communicate not only among themselves but also with their environment such as buildings. All this has to be supported by both physical and virtual infrastructure that has to be implemented in the cities for this purpose. These changes of the cities´ appearance and of the structure of public and private sectors in the cities seem thus necessary and may bring new elements of space regulation, which cannot be defined now.
New ways of city management and administration and the communication with its inhabitants will be one of the topics attractive especially for those who take an active part in the city management and those who prepare new development strategies for cities.
Other presentations will focus on „ city and region for three generations and common life in it“, including the degree of dependence on „smart“ technologies and the possibility to choose freely „off-the-grid“ life.
Another topic discussed nowadays in cities all over the world is the type of data platform and the dependence of towns and regions on a sole system. It is inevitable to analyze, design, realize and control the modern space using modern tools. What should the documentation of the future city and region as well as its relation to management processes look like?
The essential topic of the future is the need to increase the resilience of urban systems to all types of potential danger. This means not only the ability to protect itself from natural disasters but mainly to improve cybersecurity protection methods as well as the defense against a potential danger of terrorist attacks of new forms.
More topics popular with media will be presented, such as the future of alternative sources of energy and the future of its deposition or new forms of transportation and the possibility to deploy fully autonomous cars in traffic depending on changes in the behavior of their users and in the whole environment.
Important topic, especially for small municipalities, is the increase of knowledge and skills, better availability of education and retraining to new technologies, also the improvement of the economic competitiveness and the accessibility of remote markets with the use of new communication and other digital technologies.
Visually attractive part of the conference will provide the presentation of augmented and virtual reality, which represents the essential change for the cities concerning their development plans, their maintenance and the training and coordination of emergency operations in various critical situations.
Another topical issue concerning innovations in technologies is the “import” of job opportunities into smaller towns or villages as well as its opposite direction – to find qualified work labor for a newly built infrastructure of logistics and industrial centers along the roads.
The representatives of the Central Bohemian region will present their pilot projects, which are ready to be implemented in near future within the project “The country for life 4.0” and they will call up other participants for cooperation.
The conference will be opened by Prof. Vladimír Mařík, CIIRC scientific director and the main representative of the Industry and Society 4.0. concept. Prof Mařík will present his vision at the conference.
Many representatives of municipalities, as well as experts from various branches, will present their idea of implementation of not only individual „smart“ applications for all urban systems but also prospective complex solutions of future development in city and region.
Some of the visions might exceed the limits of current feasibility but the aim of this meeting is not just to discuss current solutions easily achievable in near future but also to get ready for the unforeseen we cannot imagine but we need to anticipate already now. It is not a long time since we have got used to using a mobile as a computer in our hands. The miniaturization rapidly increases the possibilities given by new technologies, materials, tools, production and distribution, business models, sharing models.
The founder and the head of CCF CIIRC architect and urbanist Michal Postránecký who participated in Las Vegas development plan will also give a presentation. „The aim of this event is to present not only visions and ideas what the town, country or region will look like or how they will be structured in 30, 50 or more years but mainly to provide the vision of quality of life affected by technological „progress“, and how will this shared physical space co-exist with new „beings“ and „their“ infrastructure. The city has to be perceived as a living organism and we have to get ready now for the future transformation that will take place during upcoming decades. City of future does not include just more effective maintenance of buildings, optimization of energetic flows, environmental protection, transportation improved by advanced solutions ( so-called smart lighting and other smart services), but it has to be a most importantly safe environment for living. More and more we let the technologies interfere in our privacy either voluntarily or even more often involuntarily, so we increase our dependence on technologies to that extent that they even limit some of our cognitive abilities. We are not ready for so rapid changes in our lives now. That is why we want to look at the future and to open the topics that are important for not only our lives but for lives of those who will use the city space and its surroundings in distant future. Together with interest in the industry, construction, transportation, energetics and other areas we should be also concerned with the concept of „ Happiness 4.0

Names of other top speakers will be published on the conference website after they confirm their participation. Speakers representing institutions from Holland, Germany, France, and Austria are expected.

CCF Open Day – exhibition and presentation of products and services will take place on 17th April –where the partners of the center introduce their work and products